Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This Podcast Is Haunted #1: The Silvey Family Hauntings

Welcome to the first episode of This Podcast Is Haunted! The goal of This Podcast Is Haunted is not to debate the reality and existence of ghosts and other paranormal activity but simply to trade stories of unexplained experiences. To capture those moments with friends and family of telling ghost stories around candle light.

In this debut Halloween podcast special listen in as the Silvey family tells tales of shadowmen, disembodied voices, moving objects, and other ghostly activities. They also probe the eerie areas of the mind with a discussion of dreams, fever dreams, and that unusual place between the waking world and slumber.

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  • Nancy Silvey
  • Heather Silvey
  • Robyn Silvey
  • Randal Silvey
  • Melanie Crawford
  • Troy 'Skippy' Cole

Recorded September 27th, 2014.
Theme Music by SuperScience.
Produced by Randal Silvey.

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