Saturday, March 18, 2017

Doctor Who Dark Journey - S2E4 - The Passing Of Light

The Passing Of Light -

“You prayed when you lost them Doctor? Why?”

Holmes discovers the horrific truth of the Bonesmen and braves the horrific whispering shadows to save Emily.

The foundations of The Doctors life are shaken to their very core as the shame of his ancient secrets is revealed by Gull and his illuminatos spirits.

When the ghosts of The Noble Project rise to speak, The Doctor realizes that he has been a pawn in a deadly and ancient game.

Cassandra’s seduction of the Doctor reaches a murderous conclusion as Holmes looks into the dead eyes of the innocent and finds only revenge, fury and his own destruction.

New to Doctor Who Dark Journey? It's best to listen to this on-going series in chronological order. To start at the beginning check out the following playlist.

The Cast of Doctor Who Dark Journey

The Doctor - Andrew Chalmers
Sherlock Holmes - Roy Miranda
Emily Hudson, Mrs. Hudson - Kate Elyse Forrest
Fred - MA Tamburro
Inspector Gull, Watson, The Daleks, Demon Spirit - Rikki Wright
Cassandra - Larissa Benfey
Holmes lady friend, Susan - Adrienne Fish
Benedict Waters, Various Voices - Paul Thomas Manz
Pub Thug, Various Voices -​ Atweh Atweh
Sergeant Pike - Ben Clifford

The Production Team of Doctor Who Dark Journey

Director - MA Tamburro
Writer - Andrew Chalmers

Sound Design Series 1 -
Clayton Turner Episodes 1-5

Sound Design Series 2 -
Joshua Hemming Episodes 1 & 2 & 6
Kevin Gray Episodes 3 & 4
Levi Considine Episode 5
Ben Barton Episode 7

Recording Engineer Series 2 - Joshua Hemming, Clayton Turner
Theme Music - Traffic Experiment
Original Doctor Who theme - Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire
Episode Music - Joshua Hemming, David Goudie, Emily Klassen
Logo Design - Midnight Media RD Shaw, Vortex Visuals Dave Ladkin
Album Cover Art Series 1 - Vortex Visuals Dave Ladkin
Producer - AM Audio Media

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