Sunday, March 12, 2017

Movies Now and Then #21: Best of 2016 and 1966

2016 was a tough year for pop culture. We lost a lot of icons in music, TV, and in film. On the bright side, there were some amazing performances and shockingly original films being released. This program is meant to celebrate the joys of both classic and contemporary cinema, so we decided to list up our favorite films from both 2016 as well as travel back 50 years and take a look at the best films of 1966.

Listen and enjoy as Andrew Willis and the original Movies Now and Then co-host, Wes Sharer look back 50 years to list up their best films from 1966.

In the second half of the show they both declare their favorite films from 2016. This episode is packed with voicemails from occasional co-hosts: Aaron Rogers, Dirk Hasselman, and Jonathan White. We also play audio clips from the various movies, as well as segments from some of the best soundtracks of 2016. The show is an all-star extravaganza of cinematic list making pleasure!

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