Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Mockers Podcast: Eric Sleeps w/ Apes, 90 Day Fiance Tourettes Heredity and We Open the Song Vault!

It's Episode Sixty of The Mockers Podcast and Eric is delivered a severe case of Ape Awake Apnea (4:00) Was it caused by the ever increasing amount of trailers that we are subjected to? (10:00) Did Al Friend Eater get his egg mcmuffin and make it to the movie on time? (12:00) The boys travel down Reality Avenue and find the truth about Tourettes heredity (18:00) Eric is quizzed about mid-to- late 80's baseball players (30:00) With trusted correspondent Jamie HS off for a day of water park fun, The Mockers Sound Vault is re-opened and "Gettin' Claustrophobic" is introduced to the world (38:00)!

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