Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Mockers Podcast: Steve Earle VS. The Mist, Big Brother Crap and Old Forge, NY!

It's Episode Sixty-One of The Mockers Podcast and Jamie HS joins in to finally decide the Steve Earle vs. The Mist Mockumendation battle (2:00) The Poop Culture Extended Universe is discussed and Jamie shares a fond childhood memory (10:00) Eric talks about some recent random Netflix viewings (16:00) Al Friend Eater travels to Devitt's to grab some mulch (19:00) Would Eric have slept through Dunkirk? (20:00) Andy spent a weekend in Old Forge and went to the Tow Bar Inn (23:00) Why was Jamie forced to drink an iced coffee? (25:00) Eric isn't happy with this season's Big Brother (26:00) What city is Andy headed for this weekend?? (29:00).

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