Thursday, August 17, 2017

Neil and Johnny Drink In The Park - 100 - Part 11 - The War Games

YELP says: I got a burger with bbq pork on top - the pork could have been candied, all the sugar ruined any subtlety in flavor. The fries were flaccid. My wife got a salad that was bad. The lettuce was wilty and a bit slimy, and clearly the chicken was frozen and cooked - rubbery, very little flavor outside of salt. For the games, several were not working properly, such as the DDR, the large air hockey table, some of the racing car stations. So they'd eat your money. Everything was loud, disorienting. It was hard to find your way in or out, and there were of course no clocks or windows anywhere. Just like a seedy casino. We will never return.

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