Thursday, September 28, 2017

What Are You Afraid of? Episode 60 - GETTYSBURG GHOSTS


Mark Nesbitt, famed Gettysburg ghost historian and author, comes back to the show as horror authors T. Fox Dunham and Phil Thomas interview him on location at his shop in haunted Gettysburg, Pennsylvania as part of the show’s countdown to Halloween 2017. In this special & long episode, Mark shares his many ghost stories, some of them recorded by our voice actors, and talks about his unique relationship with the supernatural of the American Civil War. It’s a remarkable show with a sage storyteller and great ghost stories for Halloween. HWA membership chairperson James Chambers pens a new story, Out of Devil’s Den, based on the notorious haunted site—a story of souls torn apart by civil war. The show plays folk music and several EVPS collected by Mark and his colleagues—and these clear voices of the dead give chills! This extra long episode is all part of our spooky content as we celebrate another autumn and coming Halloween.

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